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About Us

Tachyon TC OC: We train and compete on all levels of track and field (Youth, Elite, and Masters).
We have coaches in Sprints, Hurdles, Cross-country, Long Jumps, High Jumps, Pole Vaults, and Throws.

Team Info:

As a fully certified USA Track and Field Track Club we have members of all ages from (Sub-Bantams to Masters and Elite’s) competing in all Track and Field events! 

Events: Distance: Location: Coach:
Sprints Sprints: 40y to 200m
Long Sprints: 400 to 800m
Marina HS Coach Dixon
Hurdles Short Hurdles: 100m and 110
Long Hurdles: 300m and 400m
Marina HS Coach Dixon
Distance 800m to 1500m Marina HS Coach Ivy
Cross Country 1 mile to 5K Coach Ivy
Pole Vault

Club Info:

Practice times, Locations, Coaches: Club Info Page for TTC-OC

Join Us:

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Club Membership:

Tachyon OC: Membership
Group Chat: Want to talk to the group (team members)?
Group Blog: What to know more about club, check out the Blogs!

Tachyon Training Center

Strength, Speed & Agility

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