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The perfect camp for kids new to speed or those who want to learn the fundamentals of Sprinting. The class will focus on Form work, Phases of sprinting and more. Please click the "Flyers" for class descriptions.

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Y.S.P.T. (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs): YSPT Speed/Agility Flyer Want more training days? Then try the Renaissance ClubSport (Aliso Viejo) YSPT program:

Basic Training program: Together with the Athlete’s Bio’s, Running Form, and Sports Position Form we will create a program that will take you to the next level.

The General/Basic Training program is designed for building a base platform for all sports to help minimize injuries: Overview of the General/Basic Training Program.

Below is a general introduction of what the Speed/Agility Training program offers. How it's all put together is our job!!!

Training: This training program is a living and breathing document. As the athlete grows and evolve so too will it grow and evolve.

Training Segments: There are generally four segments in a training year.
1. Off Season (Recovery Period)
2. Early Competitive Season (Basic Training Period)
3. Mid Season (Competition Period)
4. Late Season (Peak Performance Period)
Types of Track/Speed Training Workouts:

Endurance Running: This is pure aerobic and can consist of continuous runs for up to 45 minutes. This will improve oxygen uptake to reduce recovery time. This is usually done in the Early Competitive Season (Base Training). This Workout is not for sprinters. Endurance Running workout (members only).

Tempo Endurance: This is an aerobic workout to help the runner increase their oxygen uptake. This will also help shorten the recovery time. This is usually started in the Early Competitive Season and will continue throughout the season. This Workout is not for sprinters. Tempo Endurance workout (members only) .

Segment Running/Event Training: This workout is running different distances at pre-determined race pace. All timed and recorded. We will tell you what target times to hit via your Training Bio and Track Training Log. Segment/Event Running workout (members only).

Strength Endurance: This workout includes short/long-hill training, stadium steps, and resistance training. Strength Endurance workout (members only).

Speed Endurance: This is an anaerobic workout where the athlete will incur a high oxygen debt and will experience lactic acid buildup. The distances will vary from 100m to 600m. The point is to build up the lactic acid energy system/threshold. Speed Endurance workout (members only).

Power Speed: This workout emphasis is on the speed of muscle contractions. This is done with 10 reps and no more than 10 sec's per rep. Power Speed workout (members only).

Speed: This workout will have varying distances of 20 to 200m. The rest is full recovery because it's about quality not quantity. Speed workout (members only) .

Strength Training: Depending on the age of the athlete this workout will consist of:
1. Workout with Weights and/or Machines
2. Plyometric drills
3. Core (medicine ball exercises)
4. Other (dependent upon your strengths and weakness).

1. Dynamic Stretching (before workouts)
2. Static Stretching (after workouts and only if absolutely necessary)
3. Yoga (if necessary)
Agility and Balance: A variety of sport specific drills depending on the sport, position and the athlete's ability.

Form: “Speed is a skill”, it is a progressional development in teaching the athlete the ease in running fast.

Types of Strength Training Workouts: General Adaptation: The training status and maturity of the athlete dictates the amount of time you will spend in the General Adaptation phase. The focus of the general adaptation phase is to prepare you for the intense training that is yet to come. It is prep work for the muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons. This phase consist of higher repetitions, lower intensities, and shorter rest periods. This is usually done in the Early Competitive Season (Base Training). It is also used to orientate the body to the proper form and technique of weight training. General Adaptation workout (members only) .

Hypertrophy: This phase consists of high training volume with moderate training intensity to build muscle mass. Due to the physical differences of the sport and positions, some athletes will spend more or less time in this phase of training. This phase should be done before the maximum strength phase. Hypertrophy workout (members only).

Strength: The ability to exert force; and is the basis of power. This phase consists of lower training volume and higher training intensity. The goal of strength training is to invoke adaptation to the muscular and neuromuscular system through heavy loads. The object is to move as much weight as possible with correct form and range of motion (ROM). Again, some athletes will spend more time in this phase then others depending on the athletes conditioning, sport and position. Strength workout (members only).

Power/Explosiveness: The ability to exert force rapidly; and in most sports, power is more important than strength. The goal of this phase is to build overall body explosiveness. By taking the strength that you gained in the Strength phase we will teach your body how to apply it to athletic movement via speed, quickness and agility. This phase consists of Olympic and explosive lifts with low volume and high intensities, along with plyometric and medicine ball exercises. All athletes will go through a power/explosive phase; however, some will spend a longer time than others based on age, conditioning, sport and position. Power/Explosive workout (members only).

Goal Setting: Every athlete/team needs a destination. Together will define individual and team goals.

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